Obama Is Setting Himself Up To Become The LAST U. S. PRESIDENT

Obama Is Setting Himself Up To Become The LAST U. S. PRESIDENT

similar web page - http://endofdayspreparation.com/terms/. ®esterday Ï waU talking tË 0 democrat at tº5 Ufow ™ aaU invited. He mocked tf5 åeneral concern about Obama Aurrently being tf5 next Adolf Hitler, arguing: "This could never happen here. Our elected representatives and the Supreme Court would never enable the rise of dictatorship on You. S. soil. ᾿

This cancer tumor of thought has eaten absent more than 3 quarters of all People in the usa who fail to see that Obama is nearly there, just a few executive orders faraway from being an absolute ruler.

When he required office, almost 7 years ago, he issued a form of executive action the presidential memorandum, using it ever since to adopt unilateral action even as he has fixed fewer executive orders than any U. S. president.

Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don't require steps by Congress. Some of his many totalitarian decisions have come not by simply executive order but by presidential memoranda.


Obama’s presidential subpoena declares that he and his Secretaries possess the authority to seize all travelling, energy, and infrastructure inside the Us as well as forcibly draft American citizens in the military.

Executive Order 11921 will allow the FEMA to establish control over typically the mechanisms of production and circulation of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit history and flow of money in the Ough. S. A. financial institution in any undefined national emergency.

The word throughout Europe is that Barack Obama is not America’s savior, but the man who will take the United States into a new era associated with World Government.

When I heard on television Russia is calling Obama the last American President, it sent some sort of shivering chill down my back.

The United States is now moving into some very dark territory and confidence has been shaken.

All that’s missing now by Obama’s plan is the right pretext to declare Martial Law in addition to seize America and Americans speady.

According to this touching video that really blows the whistle on Obama’s secret plans, it looks like all that Obama is waiting for᾿ is a assertion of war from Russia.

A very important factor is for sure, we are heading having lightning speed towards a struggle between the world’s most powerful dictators᾿ Obama and Putin.

For the American person, it doesn’t matter who will get, our old way of life will be misplaced forever᾿ and this incredible material talks about it beyond a reasonable doubt.
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